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September 2010

USS pension scheme

This branch notes:

  1. The HE employers are intent on forcing damaging and unnecessarily extreme changes to the Universities Superannuation Scheme
  2. There is a statutory requirement to consult over these changes.

This branch calls on the Institute of Education, University of London to:

  1. Conduct a consultative ballot of all USS scheme members (ie both current and potential members) on the proposals for change submitted respectively by the Employers’ Pension Forum and the UCU
  2. Publish the result of the ballot to USS scheme members within the institution
  3. Send the ballot result to USS as the local response to the statutory consultation exercise
  4. Ensure all members of USS are able to engage in the process and that their comments are fully reflected in the institution’s response to USS and that they are published locally.

This branch instructs:

The IOE UCU executive to call a meeting of the IOE Joint Committee to discuss the proposed changes to USS and to seek agreement with the employer (IOE) on the terms of the local response to the USS consultation process.

Resolution passed at branch meeting on 29 September 2010