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USS pension scheme

This branch restates our commitment to the principle of a final salary pension scheme, and our opposition to changes to the terms of USS that erode this principle and worsen pension conditions for our members.

This branch recognises that the change from RPI to CPI, though not necessarily the most damaging aspect of what has been imposed on us, has particular significance in that this is the element in the attack on pensions that has the capacity to unite workers across all sectors, public and private. We therefore restate our support for UCU policy, determined by Congress in May 2011, of opposition to the change from RPI to CPI.

This branch supports TUC efforts to coordinate public sector action on 30 November to defend pension rights. We demand that the HE Committee calls out on strike members in pre-92 HEIs on the same day as other unions. 

This branch welcomes the fact that the UCU campaign of action short of strike action (ASOS) has now officially started. As the first part of our ‘work to contract’ we resolve:

  1. to boycott faculty meetings and any other management-called meetings that are not directly linked and beneficial to our work
  2. to seek publicity for limiting our hours of work by holding UCU Big Breakfasts and/or lunches twice monthly while the dispute continues
  3. to boycott REF-related bureaucratic tasks, such as the completion of PRECIS forms;
  4. to enter into sustained dialogue with the Students’ Union, to explain the nature of our action to students and to win their support.

Resolution passed at branch meeting on 19 October 2011