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October 2009


This branch notes:
  1. The high numbers of staff with notices of redundancy
  2. The distress that redundancy procedures create
  3. The lack of information regarding rights and procedures for those identified for redundancy
  4. The increasing workload being placed on staff who are being requested
  5. To take on extra work due to redundancy, the non-replacement of staff who have left and the decision to discontinue the employment of fee-paid staff.
This branch believes that:
  1. All redundancies are undesirable
  2. Redundancies lead to increased workloads for other staff
  3. Redundancies and job losses have an adverse effect on quality - for example, by leading to unacceptably large class sizes for students
  4. Those undergoing redundancy procedures should be fully informed as to courses of action that they can take.
This branch resolves to:
  1. Provide written advice on the branch website for those being identified for redundancy
  2. Arrange a meeting for those on the redundancy list to inform them of courses of action
  3. Inform and update all members regarding current numbers and areas of redundancy
  4. Advise members to refuse to take on any extra work that has arisen through a redundancy or unfilled vacancy
  5. Consider further forms of collective action to defend jobs and education 
  6. Support any future UCU campaign in pursuit of a national agreement in defence of jobs and education.

 Resolution passed at branch meeting on 14 October 2009