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USS pensions dispute

This branch notes there are two parties in the negotiation over changes to the USS scheme: (1) the Employers' Pensions Forum, a government-funded body, representing university employers and (2) the University and College Union, our membership-funded trade union, representing employees.  

This branch notes that EPF:

  • has not been frank about its cost-cutting agenda or the impact it will have on pensions
  • is  imposing changes, by using the casting vote of the chair of the negotiating committee to force them through
  • has ignored ACAS’s offer to help reach a negotiated outcome
  • has led USS to threaten our negotiators with High Court action
  • is chaired by Brian Cantor, a vice-chancellor whose big pay and benefits package has been criticised in the media.

This branch believes that EPF:

  • has sought to mislead rather than inform
  • has sought to bully rather than negotiate
  • is imposing changes that run counter to equalities legislation
  • is signalling that senior management of universities are immune from the cuts they are imposing on their staff.

This branch resolves to communicate the following to IOE management:  

  • our concern about this blow to the pay and conditions of the next generation of university staff, especially when set against the rising cost of  their qualification route and the casualisation of the lower rungs of their profession
  • our anger about the conduct of EPF
  • our support for further industrial action.

´╗┐Resolution passed at branch meeting on 11 May 2011