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USS pensions dispute action strategy

This branch congratulates UCU branch members on their active participation in the two strike days in March and welcomes:

  1. the initiatives taken on these days and thanks those colleagues who led and participated in the teach-ins;
  2. the support provided by the Students’ Union and its officers;
  3. the solidarity shown by Unison members on the strike days and the motion passed by the IOE Unison branch.

This branch notes the fact that at least half a million trade unionists joined the TUC-sponsored demonstration against the cuts on 26 March.  We recognise that this was a clear indication that there is widespread popular opposition to the current government’s attack on the public sector and that trade unionists are prepared to take action. We welcome the steps that have been taken within the trade union movement since 26 March to organise coordinated action in defence of services, jobs and conditions, and in particular:

  1. the decision of the NUT and ATL to move towards strike action in defence of teachers’ pensions, and to coordinate such action with other public sector unions such as PCS;
  2. the vote of no confidence in the Health Secretary, passed overwhelmingly by the RCN.

This branch recognises that UCU’s campaign in defence of members’ right to a fair, just and equitable pension scheme is a part of this wider struggle to defend public sector provision.  We do not believe that the campaign’s objectives will be realised in isolation from the wider struggle, nor do we believe that these objectives will be realised through local negotiations with individual university managements.

This branch therefore welcomes the calling of a further day of national strike action on 24 May.  We resolve to support this action vigorously.  To this end, we call on our national union to:

  1. produce high-quality materials that will assist us in persuading others of the justice of our case and;
  2. make explicit the link between the campaign against the dilution of the USS scheme and that against the cuts and pay erosion in the higher education sector.

We further recognise the need for coordinated action across public sector unions.  We welcome the steps that have already been taken to prepare for such action, and we call on our own national union to commit UCU to strike action on 30 June, if as seems likely this is to be the first day of coordinated public sector strike action.

Resolution passed at branch meeting on 11 May 2011