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Action on pensions, pay and jobs

This branch notes:

  1. that members in more than sixty institutions have agreed to support both strike action and action short of a strike in order to defend USS pension rights, with substantial majorities in favour of both forms of action and a good turnout in a very short balloting period
  2. that both the turnout and the votes in favour of action at the IOE were substantially higher than the average across HE institutions
  3. that the UCU negotiators have made the offer of negotiations at ACAS, but there has been no sign of movement from the employers’ side
  4. that the threat to our pension rights remains both real and substantial
  5. that the threat to the USS scheme is part of a wider attack on public sector pay and pensions.

This branch therefore resolves:

  1. to play an active part in the days of strike action called for 22 and 24 March
  2. to organise a lobby of the Council meeting on 22 March
  3. to participate fully in the activities organised for 24 March
  4. to support attempts by the UCU leadership to link the USS pension dispute with the TPS pension dispute by organising action on both disputes on the same day.

This branch:

  • further notes the positive ballot results for strike and non-strike action in pursuit of the UCU’s claim on pay and job security
  • recognises that there are close connections between the campaign on pay and job security and the campaign on pensions
  • therefore acknowledges the desirability of linking the two disputes by taking action on them on the same day.

Resolution passed at branch meeting on 3 March 2011