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Workload Management System

This branch is concerned that the current draft Workload Management document:

  1. is less a workload management document than a resource allocation document, and hence does little to ensure that work can be accommodated within a reasonable working week;
  2. gravely underestimates the time that is required for teaching, assessment and tutorial support (particularly on MA courses), and hence poses a threat to the quality of student experience as well as to jobs;
  3. provides an inadequate allocation of time for personal research and scholarship and denies this time altogether to some colleagues to whom it should be allocated.
  4. if imposed would amount to a unilateral variation to the contractual working conditions of academic staff.

This branch:

  1. supports the idea of a properly-negotiated, fair and equitable Workload Management System (WMS);
  2. recognises that the draft WMS was presented as a pilot to be evaluated, and therefore has the expectation that it will be subject to formal review and amendment, based on the results of this evaluation;
  3. reiterates its expectation that an acceptable WMS will be arrived at through negotiation between management and the UCU branch, and mandates its negotiators to bring any such scheme back to the membership for ratification;
  4. expresses its readiness, should an acceptable scheme not be arrived at and should management attempt to implement a scheme that has not been agreed, with adverse consequences for jobs, conditions of employment and the quality of teaching, research and knowledge transfer, to enter into a formal dispute. 

Resolution passed at branch meeting on 29 June 2011