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June 2010


This branch:

  1. Reaffirms its commitment, in line with national union policy, to resist redundancies.
  2. Recognises that our commitment to defend jobs is inseparable from our commitment to education.
  3. Recognises, and deeply regrets, the demoralising and demotivating impact that the redundancy process has had on members over the past four months. 
  4. Notes that 23 applications for voluntary severance have been accepted and that, despite this fact, IOE management has refused to give an undertaking not to proceed further with the proposed compulsory redundancies.

This branch resolves:

In the light of the above, should the ballot which closes on 11 June provide a mandate for action, to; (a) support a one-day strike on 23 June, as the first stage of strike action against the proposed redundancies, and (b) decide at the branch AGM on 1 July the forms of non-strike action that we are prepared to take.

This branch mandates:

The branch executive to call off the action in the event that suitable undertakings are received from IOE management.

Furthermore, this branch:

  1. Recognises that the threat we are confronting at the IOE is part of a much wider attack on education and on the public sector. 
  2. Welcomes the initiative taken by UCU, other trade unions and the NUS in organising a day of action on 21 June, and we agree to take part fully in campaigning activities on the day.

´╗┐Resolution passed at branch meeting on 9 June 2010