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June 2009

Trusts and academies

This branch notes:

  1. With concern, the involvement of the IOE in the management of a trust partnership involving primary and secondary schools in Waltham Forest.  
  2. The level of opposition from trade unions and parents in Waltham Forest to the proposed trust arrangements. 
  3. The IOE's concern, as reflected in the deliberations of Academic Board and Council, to avoid reputational damage and damage to its relationship with partnership schools through any involvement in trusts and academies.

This branch believes that:

  1. Trust partnerships and schools remove schools from the control of the local authority, and manage the school's assets and admissions. Further, they take control of the schools' land and buildings. The governing body has overall control of the school. While one third of governors have to be parents, only one parent has to be elected. The trust appoints the other parents.  
  2. Trust partnerships therefore remove democratic representation in the management of schools. They isolate schools from other schools in the borough, excluding Ttrust schools from electorally determined education policy. They create a higher degree of competition between trust and non-trust schools.  
  3. The management of the trust partnership will involve Institute staff in unpaid time to carry out their management duties. This is the last sort of financial burden that the Institute needs at this time.
  4. Every child should have access to the best possible state school within a democratic framework. We deplore the marketisation of state education and the elitism that trust schools create. 

This branch:

  1. Calls on the IOE to withdraw from the proposed trust in Waltham Forest.
  2. Resolves to boycott and campaign against all attempts by the Institute to engage in the management of Trust Partnerships and to join with members in the NUT and over 900 Waltham Forest residents in our abhorrence of this project.  

Resolution passed at branch meeting on 3 June 2009