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June (2) 2010

Redundancies and fighting cuts

This branch:

  1. Applauds the recent victories achieved locally in avoiding compulsory redundancies;
  2. Is concerned at the way in which the consequences of job loss, including voluntary severance, are being managed;
  3. Recognises that the current government’s determination to impose cuts on the public sector, and higher education in particular, will necessitate active, broad-based campaigns to defend jobs and education;
  4. Reaffirms existing policy of opposition to redundancies and commits itself to action in defence of this policy;
  5. Recognises that staff employed as researchers are particularly vulnerable, have not been equitably treated and need to be defended by the union;
  6. Resolves to work with the Students’ Union, with Unison and with other UCU branches to resist cuts and redundancies.
  7. Agrees to support the protest against austerity outside the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on the 3rd October 2010
  8. Agrees to affiliate to the Education Activists Network´╗┐.

´╗┐Resolution passed at branch meeting on 1 July 2010