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A motion to be submitted to the UCU Higher Education Sector Conference on 31 January

Conference notes the common assault on pensions across public and private sectors and across different schemes, and the magnificent response of trade unionists to this assault.

Conference reaffirms its determination to defend existing and future USS members from any pensions detriment.

Conference resolves to:

  • pursue rescinding of the imposed changes, and a resumption of negotiations on the basis of a scheme that entails no detriment to members' pensions
  • mandate USS negotiators not to compromise on our rejection of an inflation cap to revaluation, and to insist that the conditions of agreement are not worse than those agreed for TPS
  • instruct the HEC and the HE Department to prepare a progressive escalation of ASOS between now and the summer months, and centrally to organise a series of regional, national and UK-wide strikes, where possible in coordination with action by other unions and sectors of the UCU.

Resolution passed at branch meeting on 25 January 2012