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Februrary 2010


This branch:

  1. Does not accept that the case for redundancies and job cuts at the IOE has been made;
  2. Recognises that what has been proposed by IOE management has severe consequences for all of us both those directly affected by the threat of redundancy and those whose workload will increase as a result of job cuts;
  3. Recognises that what is at stake is not merely the jobs and conditions of union members but also the quality of the student experience and of the IOE’s commitment to research and scholarship;
  4. Recognises that what is happening at the IOE is part of a wider attack on HE in particular and the public sector in general;
  5. Reaffirms its commitment to fight against all compulsory redundancies;
  6. Reaffirms its commitment to defend members’ conditions and the quality of education, scholarship and research at the IOE and in other HE institutions.

This branch resolves to:

  1. Arrange a meeting for those directly threatened with redundancy;
  2. Inform and update all members regarding current numbers and areas of redundancy;
  3. Reiterate its advice to members, in line with UCU national policy, to refuse to take on any extra work that has arisen through a redundancy or unfilled vacancy;
  4. Consider further forms of collective action to defend jobs and education;
  5. Support any future UCU campaign in defence of jobs and education.
  6. Arrange meetings as necessary for members in any department or section, to consider any management proposals for re-organisation and re-structuring. Such meetings to be built into the schedule for consultation and negotiation.
  7. Insist upon a uniform process of notification and consultation which enables for genuine consultation and negotiation to take place.
  8. Insist that no identification of individuals takes place until after management proposals for departmental re-structuring are published.
  9. Insist that all vacancies are held open and placed within a re-deployment schedule. That all vacancies are notified in advance to any members of staff whose posts are identified as potentially redundant.
  10. That all options to avoid compulsory redundancies are actively considered with the shared management/union aim or avoiding any such redundancies.

Resolution passed at branch meeting on 24 February 2010

* also, it was remitted to the branch executive, that assimilation rights be based upon a 50% ratio of any job specification